Dynamic Difference

Our Team:

  • Our greatest advantage is our people;each employee plays a critical role in producing a beautiful and long lasting product for your home. Our team has in excess of 350 combined years of experience in the Kitchen industry. Each of us are fully committed to ensuring that our products maintain the highest quality standards available in today's market.

  • OurDesign Team is second to none! We are very well versed in alldesign stylesand are committed to learning and evolving with the times. They can put an updated spin and improve the functionality ofevery design style.Our DesignTeamwill often collaborate together toscome up with very creative solutions to any design dilemma.

Manufactured in London Ontario:

  • Our cabinetry is all manufactured at our facility right here in London Ontario. This means that we have control over our products without relying on the fluctuating offerings of third-party suppliers. This ensures that we can continue to service our products long-term, as well as to offer a quick response to any requests for Customer Service. We live here and we work here, we always strive to support our local economy first.

Quality Control:

  • Each member of our Production Team takes great pride in their work. They are not only responsible for the Quality Control of their own work, but also the work of every other team member.

  • We have empowered each member of our Production Team to have complete autonomy to reject any or all items that pass through their individual workstations. If the item does not meet our high standards, they are to reject it immediately. An item that may only cost $5 to replace at that stage, will cost hundreds of dollars if it gets out to the customer's home.

  • All products go through comprehensive quality control inspections throughout the production process and again prior to delivery, this ensures that you receive nothing but the highest quality of finished cabinetry.

Top Coat Finishes:

  • We only use the best quality paints and top coats in our manufacturing process. These materialsmay cost significantly more, but they protect our finishes far better than those used by most of our direct competitors.

  • Our wood door topcoat is the best in the industry. It is waterproof, which allows us to cover all our wood products with a lifetime warranty against water damage with only a few minor exceptions.

    • Anywhere that the panels have been scribed to fit floors and walls, as the topcoat has effectively been removed. So please avoid the use of steam mops and wet mopping of floors. Dry any spills or leaks immediately.
    • Where the centre panel of the doors meets the door frames. These panels are floating" so they can move with the changes in temperature and humidity, spilled liquids can potentially penetrate that gap causing damage.

Hand Wiped Finishes:

  • Our stained products feature stains which are sprayed-on,then hand-wiped to ensure a deep penetration. The process of hand-wiping ensures both a longer lasting finish and gives the product a much deeper and more realistic appearance. Whereas a spray-only" finish, which is typically used in mass-production cabinetry, sits on top of the surface and hides the depth of the wood grain leaving it with a more simulated wood grain appearance which is also more susceptible to flaking finishes.

Paint Quality:

  • We only use the best quality commercial paints which are custom matched to Benjamin Moore colours. Our paints cost as much as 60% more than what many of our competitors are using. That extra cost is directly related to the durability and quality of the finish.

13” Deep Upper Cabinetry:

  • Our upper cabinetry depths are at least 1" to 1½" deeper than those used by our direct competitors;Ensuring that even the deepest of dinner plates or cereal boxes will fit behind closed doors. All cabinets have solid backs for increased strength and rigidity.

Vanity Heights:

  • Our standard vanity height is 34" (including countertops), at least 2"- 4" higher than that of our direct competitors.

Soft Close, Full-Extension, Metal Sided Dynamic Drawers" (Standard Drawer System):

  • Thicker steel sides and greater adjustability than those used by our direct competitors, also boasts a 40kg load rating, as opposed to the typical 30kg. most competitors use. This drawer is 20" deep and carries a lifetime warranty. The standard is a white drawer, but changes to a dark grey when the cabinet interiors are upgraded to our Charcoal 123" colour.

Soft-Close, Full-Extension,Metal Sided Vionaro" Drawer System (Upgraded Drawer System):

  • Boasts a 40kg (standard)or 70kg(upgraded)load rating. It is also2" deeper than our standard drawer system. This drawer system is 100% manufactured in Austriawhichalso carriesa lifetime warranty.It is available in white or grey and comes in 5 different heights which vary with the heights of the drawer fronts.

Soft Close Salice Hinges (Standard):

  • Not only are these hinge plates more attractive to look at, but it also feature six-way CAM adjustments.The horizontal alignment of the attachment screws ensures a more stable and better structured pivot-point which eliminates all wear and tearon the cabinet sides. Our hinge plates are manufactured in Italyand include a lifetime warranty.

In-Line Hinge Plates:

  • Not only are these hinges more attractive to look at, but it also feature six-way CAM adjustments. The horizontal alignment of the attachment screws ensures a more stable and better structured pivot-point which eliminates all wear and tear on the gables over years of repeated use. Our hinge plates are manufactured in Italy with a lifetime warranty.

Steel Shelf Clips:

  • Our standard melamine shelving isdesigned to fit tight between the gables,with plastic-coated steel-pin shelf clips; which will support far more weight than the industry standard of all plastic shelf clips and allow for quicker shelf adjustments.

Matching 5pc Top Drawer Fronts:

  • The top drawer fronts are designed to match the doors below. Many companies offer a 'slab' drawer as the standard, and charge extra forthe 5pc look. Slab door cabinetry, will always have matching slab drawer fronts.

Vertical Grain Wood Centre Panels (Wood Doors):

  • Our recessed panel wood drawer fronts all have vertical grained centre panels; this ensures a uniform and consistent appearance when adjacent to cabinets with doors. The competition has horizontal grain on drawers and vertical grain on doors creating an unbalanced appearance.

Grain Matched Veneers and Thermally Fused Laminate Doors & Panel Work:

  • Other companies charge extra for grain matching. It is our belief that it's the only way it should be done, so it is our standard. This of course involves far more care and risk, as damage to one door would result in all doors/drawer fronts in that section being replaced. The overall appearance of a grain matched kitchen in far superior to those that are not.

Fully Custom Dimensioning:

  • The 20/20 design program integrates seamlessly to our CNC. This ensures improved accuracy, efficiency and flexibility in design. We are not limited to standard sizes". We can customize your cabinetry to all of your desired dimensions.

Minimal Use of Fillers:

  • Although fillers are a necessity in most custom cabinetry designs, our mandate is to keep filler sizes to a minimum if not eliminating them altogether, ensuring increased cabinet storage and a cleaner appearance and overall design flow.

Pre-Assembled Islands & Panels:

  • Our Custom Department will pre-install furniture kicks and pre-assemble all Islands and othercustom panel work prior to the finishing of these items. This ensures a better quality end product with no need foradditional applied mouldings to hide joints between the panels or on corners where panels intersect. This eliminates the need to putty nail holes on the job site which leaves our products with a furniture grade appearance.

Pre-Assembled Mitres on Light Valances, Risers and Crown Mouldings*:

  • Our Custom Department will pre-cut and pre-mitre most moulding joints prior to painting or staining. This eliminates the need for pin nails, putty and visible seams. Our moulding trim pieces look like furniture. Only crown mouldings that are designed to go up to the ceilings are cut and mitred on site.

Larger Crown Mouldings:

  • Our standard crown moulding offerings are larger and more prominent than those offered as the standard" or starting price point by our competitors.

Largest Included" Hardware Selections:

  • Our Included" hardware selections include hundreds of size and finish options that our competitors will charge extra for. We believe that you shouldn't be forced to make upgrades due to a lack of diverse product offerings.

Built-in Cabinetry Scribe:

  • All of our cabinetry is designed to have extra material to scribe to wavy walls and floors ensuring a tight fit without the need for additional unsightly applied mouldings or caulking to fill the gaps. Crown mouldings to the ceilings cannot be scribed and will not be caulked as there is typically some seasonal movement in these areas.

LED Lighting Integration:

  • We will design our cabinetry around our own line of LED lighting (when requested). This will ensure long lasting, properly designed and properly specified low voltage LED lighting. It is designed in such a way that should there be a problem with a device or transformer in the future, those components will be accessible and easily replaced.

Door Profiles:

  • All of our wood door profiles are an exact match to our MDF door profiles. This ensures continuity should you wish to mix and match wood and painted product within the same design.

Door Style Pricing:

  • All recessed panel doors with the standard rail width are the same price in Oak, Maple or Painted MDF. All of our MDF doors are the same price regardless of profile, rail width or centre panel type (raised or recessed). Of course actual costs do vary, but we take the approach to include as much as possible at the same price. This ensures that you the client are making selections on what you truly like and removes the 'nickel & diming" effect from the selection process.


  • Our installers are hands-down, the very best in the industry. Our installers are professional and have a minimum of 10 years of installation experience. They are bonded and insured with WSIB coverage. They are trustworthy, clean, detail oriented and personable. The installation fit and finish will not be beaten.


  • Ourcabinetry is by far the very best value on the market for your hard-earned dollars.

Integrity Pricing:

  • Our products are built to last a lifetime! The vast majority of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals. We strongly believe in putting our resources into our first-time quality, not in servicing the product afterwards. Meaning that we put higher quality, longer lasting products in everything we produce so you, our clients should never have to worry about the durability of your cabinetry in the future. As such, our product costs are often significantly higher than that of our competition which would put us at a competitive disadvantage with regards to pricing if we built-in a percentage for negotiating. We work off pre-determined lower margins to ensure our competitiveness while still standing behind our product 100%. Our prices are not negotiable; unless you are an employee of Dynamic Kitchens, our pricing is consistent for everyone.

Lifetime Warranty:

  • Dynamic Kitchens warrants that all cabinetry components installed by our installers, will be free from anymanufacturing defects, in both material and workmanship, under normal use and maintenance for life. The individual Product Information Sheets as approved at the time of contract signing, may have warranties that supersede this warranty for specific products only. All other claims outside of these perimeters will be considered on an individual basis as we are committed to the long-term satisfaction of our clients.

Transferrable Warranty:

  • Our warranty is 100% transferrable to the next home owner, and the next after that, and so on. We do not believe in limiting the warranty based on who currently owns the home. This practice is used to create loop-holes to avoid providing no-charge service and is a tactic used by companies who do not fully believe in the quality of their products.

Dynamic Kitchens

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