Design Process
To schedule a complimentary design appointment please call 519-652-5091 or email us at We will review your project with you and pair you up with one of our designers.
In Home Visit
Typically, the first appointment is done in your home, unless you are planning the construction of a new home or a future addition to your home. The objective of this first meeting is to take physical measurements of your space, as well as to understand your likes/dislikes, functionality requirements, aesthetic preferences, appliance and other wish-lists, approximate budget and project timeline. This information will allow us to create the initial design that is completely tailored to you. For a new construction build or a planned addition, the first appointment will be done in our showroom instead.
Design Concept Review
Approximately 1 week after the first meeting, we will invite you back to our showroom to present our initial conceptual design from our realistic 3D software. This would only include pricing proposal if the designer feels that their initial design will be very close to what you’ll ultimately decide will work best for you and your family. More often than not, this meeting is just to present the initial design to get your feedback on it, and to give the designer a starting point from which changes will be made. This is also where we will give you an in-depth review of our product offerings, construction details, and review some of the many available interior cabinet accessories, drawer systems, hardware offerings, as well as moulding details, door styles, colours and finishes.
Second Presentation
At this appointment, the design has been updated to reflect the changes from the previous appointments. We will review the design in-detail to ensure we have captured everything on your wants and needs lists. We will also provide you a project quote, along with some optional items that you may, or may not want to incorporate into your design. The quote is yours to take, but the drawings remain the property of Dynamic Kitchens and can not be released without a retainer or deposit. Everything up to this point has been done at no-charge to you, but this is also the point at which we would be looking for a commitment from you to proceed further.
Design Fee
Our experienced designers create unique spaces for each and every one of our clients, tailored to meet your individual needs. Since no two projects are alike, each design has to be relevant to the space, function, and specifically addresses your lifestyle, taste, and your budget. It is at this point, that you will have enough information to decide whether or not you wish to proceed with Dynamic Kitchens for your project. If so, we would need to either collect a design fee or a full deposit. The design fee ensures that you wish to proceed with the project but still have some additional design changes in mind. Those design changes will increase or decrease your quote accordingly. Once the design fee is paid, the designs become your property and you can take home to discuss with your family, friends or just to review.  You are not locked into any design or material selections until the final design is approved by you and the remainder of the deposit is paid. The design fee is typically 10% of the quote with a minimum of $2,500 for all projects under $25,000. The full amount of the design fee is included in your project quote.
Once you are completely satisfied with the design, the included product offerings and we have all of your final selections including all appliance specifications, we can finalize the paperwork. At this point we will require the 50% deposit (less any retainer paid). You will also receive a call from Casey, our Communications and Scheduling Coordinator to schedule a final site measure and to mark out any new plumbing and/or electrical locations. Casey will also be able to co-ordinate a delivery and installation date with you, or if you would prefer, directly with your contractor. Once that final site measure is complete, your order will be submitted to production and no further changes are typically permitted.
Dynamic Kitchens warrants that all cabinetry components installed by our installers, will be free from any manufacturing defects, in both material and workmanship, under normal use and maintenance for life. The individual Product Information Sheets, as approved by you at the time of contract signing, may have warranties that supersede this warranty for specific products only. All other claims outside of these parameters will be considered on an individual basis as we are committed to the long-term satisfaction of our clients.