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Jem-Dor Woodcraft Limited was founded by Herman Dougherty in 1975. Herman was a believer in building quality products at affordable prices. Starting with a very small shop and armed with a few door samples Herman led Jem-Dor Woodcraft Ltd. to become one of the most well-known and respected manufacturers of custom kitchens in London. Upon his passing, the torch was passed to his son Ron Dougherty who successfully kept his father’s dreams alive and continued to grow the company’s reputation for servicing the London market with the highest quality custom cabinetry.

Drew and Shelley Pelc purchased the company in early 2012 and brought with them over 30 years of prior industry experience. Almost immediately the company was rebranded as Dynamic Kitchens; Drew & Shelley felt it was important that the company’s name reflect the company’s direction. “Dynamic” speaks to being flexible, forward-thinking and always evolving and improving. Along with the change in the name, came a complete overhaul and modernization of product offerings, programs, systems, and manufacturing equipment. Although a great foundation was already in place, the company was in need of an infusion of technology in all areas of the business. A CNC machine was introduced into the manufacturing process. This allowed for increased flexibility and accuracy, reduced waste, increased efficiency and better overall product quality. A new design program was also introduced, as was other client management, accounting and reporting software. The changes in the first two years alone were immense. The product received many new upgrades; the finishes were reformulated to improve consistency and durability, the hinges and drawer systems were all upgraded as was the construction of the cabinetry and new showroom was also constructed.

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Dynamic Kitchens has received recognition from the City of London “Recognizing Industry Leadership, Innovation, Economic Growth and Sustainability and Contribution to the Community”.

Dynamic Kitchens has also won multiple design awards as well as the “Best Kitchen Cabinetry” and “Best Bathroom Cabinetry” awards from the London Home Builders Association (LHBA) and the “Most Outstanding Kitchen” [in all of Ontario] from the Ontario Home Builders Association (OHBA).

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