Yvonne has been in the industry of design since she was a young girl. Her parents owned and operated Decorating Den. "As a young girl I remember hiding in the fabric displays at my parent’s showroom, it was magic to me...all the colours and patterns".

Today she is immersed as an Interior designer in all things design, from teaching design students at Fanshawe College, to planning and project managing as a principle designer within Dynamic Kitchens.

Her passion for architecture and design resonates through her work. She has not categorized her design style because she loves all facets and styles of design, as any good designer should. She has designed award winning spaces that showcase striking modern style as well as spaces honouring classic tradition. She often refers to herself as a "chameleon" an entity as such, that can transform to your vision, keeping it yours, and making it the best it can be.

As a busy mother of four, she is aware of the efficacy of time management and good planning in getting things done. "I know how important time management is in a busy working family so it's easy to respect the importance of my client’s time. This industry, is driven by deadlines, so being efficient is very important to me".

Yvonne has worked in the realm of kitchen and bath design for more than 20 years. With her vast knowledge and experience, she is a welcomed addition to our team.