Drew Pelc has now surpassed a milestone of thirty years in the kitchen cabinet industry. His experience has taken him from the shop floor to business owner and through virtually every position in-between. Drew started in the industry as a teenager, slowly working his way up the ladder through hard work and a desire to learn. Drew felt that the only way to truly understand the industry was to experience it first-hand. He also spent several years installing kitchens and as a service representative fixing kitchens with issues that could have either been avoided with the use of better quality products in the manufacturing process, or by having someone catch the design errors prior to the manufacturing of the cabinetry.It was this experiencethat formed his core beliefs on how he runs his company today. First-time quality must always be the cornerstone of any truly successful company in this industry.

Drew transitioned into a design/sales position in the early nineties.His previous work experience helped to make the kitchen designer position a relatively easy one for him as he already understood how the products were constructed and installed. This also made visualizing his designs three-dimensionally quite easy, and ensuring that his designs would always work without incident, a priority as he was able to avoid the mistakes that new kitchen designers typically experience.

In 1999 Drew was recruited by one of London’s most reputable kitchen manufacturers to fill the position of Sales Manager. In 2007, he was once again recruited to bring his expertise to both the design and management teams of a small local kitchen manufacturer, and subsequently led that company to become what is now the largest local kitchen manufacturer. During that time, Drew continued to design for select clients; one of whom is a world famous chef whose personal kitchen and test kitchen were also used as the sets on his televised cooking show. Throughout his career as a designer, Drew had opportunities to work with many amazing clients and his designs were recognized and featured in various ads and articles. Several of his designs werefeatured in London’s “Kitchen on Parade” tours. He has been interviewed on TV, radio, on stage and in-print on multiple occasions. His designs have won multiple awards and even the coveted “Most Outstanding Kitchen” in all of Ontario, in 2006 from the Ontario Home Builders Association.

Late in 2011, Drew, along with his friend and business partner Brian Lippold decided to pursue the purchase of Jem-Dor Woodcraft Ltd., a company with a long standing reputation for producing very high quality products in the manufacturing of custom kitchens and other cabinetry. In 2012 the company was successfully rebranded as Dynamic Kitchens by Jem-Dor. Drew felt that Dynamic Kitchens would better reflect both the core of what the business is, and the direction in which it is headed. In early 2015, Drew and his wife Shelley Pelc purchased Brian Lippold’s shares and are now the sole owners of the company.

Dynamic Kitchens is now recognized as an industry leader for their designs and value of the products they manufacture. Drew is personally and deeply involved in the company’s daily operations as he won’t allow any order into production until he has personally reviewed it in great detail. Drew will also conduct personalized shop and showroom tours to many of the clients working with his design team.